Saturday, 5 January 2008


The No-Yarn-For-Lucy thing is going well on Day 5, although I am being buoyed up by yarn still arriving in the post from pre-January purchases. I have resisted invitations from various people to attend sales at Loop or All The Fun Of The Fair. I walked past the sale yarn at Liberty without buying anything (there was nothing I wanted anyway). I am strong. And yes, if I am weak, please do physically remove the yarn from my sweaty mitts before I can get my credit card out.

Hand in hand with this goes actually knitting something. I have too many ideas and too many WIPS. I am therefore now vowing to finish things!

I have just joined the Finishalongapalooza thread on Lime & Violet's Ravelry group. There I have set out the things I absolutely positively need to finish in the near future. I'm not saying I won't cast anything else on before I finish these (indeed, some of the urgent items are not yet even cast on), but they will certainly be prioritised. They are, in rough order:

1. A scarf for my friend A, which is super-urgent as it's for the ski trip he's going on this coming Friday. It's effectively an early birthday present. It'll be Rowan Big Wool in grey and navy, ribbed, stripes, you know the drill. I need to start immediately and do nothing else until it's done.

2. My toe-up tiger socks, which are nearly finished. I got cracking on these over the holiday and have been enjoying the toe-up sock knitting immensely. I've been doing both together, so no Second Sock Syndrome. On one, I'm ready for the cuff but waiting for the other to catch up. Its sister is about an inch short of that, so these are easily finishable by next weekend - would have been this weekend but for (1).

3. Some Knucks (without the embroidery) for the boyfriend, for birdwatching purposes, which he's requested several times. Stupidly I've promised to have these done by the time he gets back from the above ski trip, so in two weeks' time. Mind you, that's not critical, because it's always OK to ignore promises to the ones you love most, right?  Oh yeah, and teach him to knit.

4. Socks made from the Tofutsies that the lovely Denise sent me, because gift yarn should be used and not consigned to the Bermuda Triangle of Stash. I have an upcoming and immensely tedious business trip (Dublin and back in a day) coming up in the next fortnight and will be casting on for these then.

5. The humongous green Clapotis, which is just so embarrassingly behind everyone else in our KAL, as they all finished months ago. Bad Lucy. But then it is enormous. In my defence it was paused whilst I sourced more emerald green Noro Cash Iroha, including one semi-unwound ball that Loop let me have for a quid. Just needs some devoted attention.

6. Grandpa's socks. Yes, that's right, they didn't get finished for Christmas. Next deadline: his birthday in August.  I am so bored of these.

Plus a whole lot of yarn to get through on other projects, but I'm not even going to think about those until some of the above are ticked off.

I thought you might like to see the two scarves I actually finished as presents over the holiday period, but my god, the photos suck so badly. I am seriously getting my mother a new digital camera for Chrissie next year, hers, it would seem, is not aware of the "focus" concept (and I didn't take mine home for the hols). But you'll get a general idea. The real things were better.

My grandma's Branching Out, just under two skeins of black Debbie Bliss Pure Silk:

A purple scarf for my friend C's birthday, in garter rib with a slit to pass one end of the scarf through for it to stay on (as requested), about one and a half balls of Rowan Pure Wool Aran on 7mm needles for a slightly more open effect:

Sorry again for the photos. I am embarrassed to have to post these on Flickr to get them into Ravelry.

Onwards with the finishing things!

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