Friday, 29 February 2008


I felt I should post today, however briefly, as I won't have the chance to do so on 29 February again for a while. This post, born on leap day, is a "leapling" or "leaper".

No, I haven't proposed to the boyfriend, despite the fact that he'd have to compensate me for refusal.

No, I didn't walk out of the office in protest at having to work an "unpaid" day, and sadly they didn't give us the day off to do good works like the National Trust did.

It was just a rather boring day, not at all worthy of its quadrennial status. Although perhaps a day lacking in focus is appropriate for a concept so hazy as the inaccuracy of human-imposed timelines - sacrificing a day to drifting aimlessly, to prevent the years from doing so?

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stash haus said...

Geez, I can't imagine ANY american company - for profit or non-profit - doing what the National Trust did. It's a great idea.

I had no idea about the history of leap year and marriage proposals. In looking it up, I read that in some areas of the world, the woman could propose to the man during the Leap year - not just on the day. I wonder if any woman used this idea for her economic benefit by proposing to more than 1 man during the year?