Thursday, 27 March 2008


Oh yes, awesome indeed. Just look at the setlist, as begged by me from the sound guy:

West Of The Fields FFS, off their first album! Ah, well, you probably won't understand why this was terribly exciting, but please just accept that it was. We were asked to have an audience vote on which of "the hits" we wanted.

Slightly strange choice of venue though, being as it was in a shop, so we were screaming and dancing amongst the shiny new demonstration Macs. Even more oddly, they didn't take out any of the display furniture, and so whilst I wasn't very far from the stage, and there really weren't many people in front of me, I spent the whole time stood immediately behind a large expanse of blond wood desk covered with highly covetable Apple technology.

I actually managed to smuggle in my good camera to this one, and so got some decent photos, mainly of Stipey as he stays still in a way that Mike and Peter don't seem to (which is a shame, as I'd rather take photos of them).

And we got interviewed by yet another newspaper afterwards, because obviously we are the most quotable-looking people in the fan club. All in all an amazing night, especially since it was a full hour-long set for free! It was being recorded for broadcast on XFM (at the weekend I think) and eventual sale on iTunes.

More reviews.

For those who were wondering, this was my fifteenth R.E.M. show (this site helped with the count), and I am now supremely depressed at having to wait until August for the next three shows to which I have tickets...

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KnittingJenny said...

Wow! I don't know what's more amazing: you seeing them for free at the shop...or that it was your 15th time!