Sunday, 8 June 2008

Da Bomb

I found this most amusing on my commute to work on Friday:

I love the fact that in London, history occasionally rears its head and reminds us that, no matter how shiny and modern we might think we are, this is a city with two millennia of heritage (one day soon I'll visit here).  I love knowing that we walk the same streets as the Romans, and mediaeval peasants, and cheeky chappie Cockney sparrows who survived the Blitz.  I also love the deadpan way in which London Underground manages to respond to such situations.  On the other hand, they might just be pleased to have an excuse that's not actually their fault, for once...

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stash haus said...

The history is one of the reasons I love visiting London. First time we were there, we hit all the usual tourist/historic places - Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's Cathedral, Tate Modern, National Portrait Museum, British Library, British Museum, etc.

This last time I went to Churchill's War Rooms. That was worth the price of admission. In my history courses at school, WWII was covered from the US perspective. It was fascinating to see what the UK was going through before, during and after the US was involved. For example, I hadn't known how long rationing had continued there after VE day.