Monday, 15 September 2008

Shank's Pony

This evening I decided to walk home from work. No real reason, other than that it was a nice evening - not raining, not too cold, and not too hot either as I had a jacket and wouldn't have wanted to carry it. I used to do it occasionally, but as it happens not since the day of the Tube bombs, when I had to.

According to the AA's route planner, it's 6.6 miles (10.6km) door to door, by approximately the route I ended up using. It took me exactly an hour and three quarters, which means I walk at 3.77mph. According to Wikipedia, the average human walking speed is 2 to 3mph, so I'm rather faster. That seems about right, as even my father says he virtually has to run to keep up with me. I think this is because I wore high heels so much when I was a teenager, learned how to stride out, then kept that speed even though once I moved to London I defaulted to trainers (currently very bouncy sparkly Skechers) to get anywhere.

It's a fairly nice walk although some areas are not altogether salubrious, but all well-lit and populous. I am now tired in a pleasant way, and rewarding myself with a bowl of lemon chicken and egg fried rice from the Chinese takeaway. I should do this more often.

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