Sunday, 26 October 2008


So I have nearly achieved my WIP Wrestling goals, which were meant to be done by this weekend. But it is only 6pm on Sunday night, so we have time yet!

So far I have finished the big Noro shawl, and have actually also finished the garter rib socks, which I had not expected to do. I have not quite finished the llama lace scarf but I will carry on with that in a bit. I won't get the weaving in done on anything, but I think that's offset by the socks. I think that makes me at least WCW even if not quite WWF.

The boyfriend was playing with his cameras earlier and wanted a model to check the settings. Being busy with the socks, I agreed only on condition that I could stand there in front of the fridge and knit whilst he took photos. We ended up with one I really like:

Definite Facebook profile photo material there.  Oh, and being wildlife nuts, you can see our fridge is covered in animal postcards!

I'd better go, I have knitting to finish...

P.S. I don't intend to make this a regular feature, despite appearances, but here's more random weirdness, this time from Camden:

I wonder if it works?


Cassie Louise said...

What a wonderful photo - your boyfriend is lucky to have such a lovely model to practice on! And congratulations with getting to grips with your WIPs. I've promissed myself that I won't start knitting with my new yarn from Ali Pali until I've finished at least 2 things I'm working on... & it's not easy.

stash haus said...

That's a really cool photo. Gads, I wish I could get my WIPs in line. And I can't go all "I won't start anything til I finish something" because I just end up failing anyway and stressing - which defeats one of the main reasons I knit - to relax. So, I'm resigned to being a lazy project slag.