Sunday, 11 November 2007

Saturday, part the second - mischief making

The S&B Day "Aftershow Party", aka "We've got a discount so let's all go to the same club", was White Mischief's From the Earth to the Moon at the Scala in King's Cross. This is almost a mini-festival, held roughly every six months, with a vaudeville/burlesque/rock remit. Better descriptions can be found here. Dressing up themes were Victoriana, sky pirates and steampunk, and George Méliès A Trip to the Moon (which inspired the Smashing Pumpkins' video for Tonight Tonight).

A small group of us went along - me, the boyfriend, Flib, Purlpirate and husband, and a few more friends. Our outfits:

We didn't find any other knitters but we did find, variously, some girls being suspended from elastic via hooks through the flesh of their backs (eew), the brilliant 1927 Cabaret, more pith helmets than you see in ordinary life, an awful lot of corsetry, plenty of dandies, and a man with a large mirrorball on his head (being led around by friends). Band wise: Kunta Kinte, who orchestrated the whole event (respect!) were great fun although god knows what genre(s) they consider themselves to be; British Sea Power, who I love, headlined and were great, of course, and demonstrated plenty of their usual tendency to climb up on stage equipment and throw themselves off it in a reckless manner. The kids of today, hey? Here the lead singer comes face-to-face with a man dressed as a panda, crowd surfing:

A few burlesque acts, some gin and tonic and plenty of scratchy gramaphone records later, those of us dirty stop outs left in the club danced to Lord Large Experiment until very late, mainly because I was mesmerised by the swishyness of my petticoats. What fun! Sleeping in and a greasy spoon breakfast were very much obligatory this morning. Toodle-pip!

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Gail said...

Certainly, they don't make them like that any more ;-) such fun! x