Sunday, 27 April 2008

Clapped out

I have been feeling extremely delicate today after having rather overindulged on the merlot last night at my birthday party. I feel it is grossly unfair that my headache was so bad this morning that I was driven howling from my bed at 7am on a feverish and mercifully successful search for ibuprofen, feeling every one of my wretched, soon to be 27 years. Probably more like 72 in fact.

The venue was the Island Queen, an excellent pub in Islington. Thank you to everyone who came along, and especially for all the lovely presents and for letting me open them even though my real birthday's not til Tuesday. Knitting present-wise, Ting spun me my very own Ginger Lucy yarn, from brown Falkland fibre washed in ginger and orange, and also gave me some gorgeous Posh Yarn Helena in Vamp; Gail made me a little sock bag out of sushi-covered fabric and gave me the Vogue Ultimate Sock Book. Thank you both, you are so clever! I also had a knit-your-own Shaun the Sheep kit from A, which is terribly cute. The lovely Lotta bought me some eyebrow-raising Nippies so that I don't fall out of my corset next time, and some fab chemistry-influenced salt and pepper pots. I also had theatre tokens, body creme and books from my wonderful generous friends.

All birthday parties need a cake, and who better to ask for one than our beautiful Anna from Rate My Cake? The challenge I laid down for the baking goddess was to make me a dark chocolate cake with white chocolate mint icing. I wish I'd taken a photo of the delicious, perfect creation she constructed, but we were far to eager to eat it, so I can only display the remnants:

Yum! You are truly the Mistress Baker, honey. And thank you all again!

So it was well worth the hangover today, although I may have been less patient with all the children in the butterfly house this afternoon than I should have been. At least I got to sweat out some of the toxins.

I've also finished knitting my giant green clapotis! There is still plenty of work to be done in running down the dropped stitches in the sticky yarn I've used, sewing in ends (seven skeins plus several knots = lots of ends) and blocking, but it may even be done before Friday's departure to Ecuador. It's only taken me since July. Pictures to follow as soon as it's done...

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