Thursday, 1 May 2008

Clap your hands say yeah!

It's finished! The giant green clapotis is finished!

According to the boyfriend, I should drop dead now, this being my "death shroud" as he puts it. Or perhaps he suspects that I have been ripping it out, like Penelope, every night. Not true, I was just bored with all the straight repeats.

It is large, being about six feet by two feet of cuddly emerald Noro Cash Iroha, nearly seven balls. I think it's rather lovely. I'd almost like to launch straight into another one, as mine is solid - a gorgeous glowing solid green of course - and I've seen some inspiring ones in variegated yarns, silks especially. On the other hand I think I really need to not be doing all those bloody repeats for a little while, and I probably only need one clap.

What else can I write about it? Nothing that's not said far more eloquently here.

I have no photo yet (I finished sewing the ends in only five minutes ago) but I promise to take some pictures in the sunshine when I get to Ecuador... tomorrow! Yes, our big South American adventure is finally here after three years of waiting. We will be at altitude in Quito this time tomorrow, deep in the Amazon rainforest the day after that, and afterwards we're heading to the cloud forests in the mountains then the Galapagos Islands. We'll be back in about three weeks' time.

One final anecdote before I go - when I first heard people refer to a clapotis, I had no idea they were talking about a shawl pattern. Eventually I became aware that it must be a famous pattern, but I thought it was called a clafoutis, like the cherry pudding. But the physics term for a standing wave fits the rippling pattern, and my own loves, much better.  Science triumphs over sponge!


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Denise said...

OK this is the first I know that Clapotis wasn't a makey uppie word. You really do learn somethign every day!

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