Saturday, 10 May 2008

Knit in peace

I shouldn't be blogging at all from on holiday, but I found out today (Friday here) that our dear friend and fellow knitter Tash died on Sunday. I am terribly sad not to have been around at the end, for her and for all you lovely Wednesday night girls and her husband Mark, and especially to have missed today's memorial service. I am thinking of you all.

This afternoon, just after I heard the news, we went out hummingbird spotting here in the cloud forests. They are such beautiful creatures, so quick, bright, remarkably feisty (we even saw one chase off a hawk), in love with colour (the flowers they feed on, the gorgeous metallic greens, purples, blues and golds of their own feathers) and gone far, far too soon, just like Tash. We'll miss you, sweetie.

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