Thursday, 13 December 2007


Don't you just love accessories? In my very unhumble opinion, a girl can never have too many shoes, bags, scarves, hats, gloves, jewellery...  and so on. From cheap and cheerful (thank you Topshop) to terribly high end (well hello De Beers), I do love my finishing touches. And accessories will never let you down, they'll always fit, even on the hideous days when your jeans won't even pull up over your bottom let alone do up, and people on the tube offer you their seat because they assume you're preggers...

So I am very pleased to have finished a most yummy pair of fingerless gloves (or wristwarmers, I'm not sure when one becomes t'other) in gorgeous cashmere from Posh Yarn. Here they are:

It's a 3x1 rib, knit finger end down to maximise arm length. The thumb was done using a bit of waste yarn, like Fetching, as I felt the ribbing would let me get away with no gusset (ugh, "gusset"). The yarn blend is called Sophia, which is 100% cashmere and I would say aran weight as these were done on 3.75mm needles. The colourway is Serenade, which is a beautiful spectrum of purples, from an almost rose-pink through to lavender, with occasional flashes of bright turquoise. Now these are exactly the sort of accessory to liven up a dull winter outfit, and make a girl smile on her way into work on a frosty London morning, whilst still being able to handle her Oyster Card dexterously.

Actually, I finished these a week ago. Here's an action shot of them assisting me in making sense of the subway map in Berlin: 

I have also just had some cute accessories in the post: a fab necklace and bracelet from Sassafras Creations, cunningly fashioned from slices of old aluminium knitting needles in a rainbow of pastel anodised finishes. They came beautifully wrapped in old sewing patterns, lovely.

I seem to be starting some kind of collection of jewellery made from old needles, as I already have a bangle from Liana Kabel from an old plastic one (red 6mm in my case). So why not let your accessories speak for you, and shout your knitting predelictions to the world?

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Denise said...

hah! Gusset!! Snort.

One of those words that just sounds like your granny. Like calling an outfit a "rig-out".