Sunday, 16 December 2007

Christmas comes but once a year (thankfully)

I have spent this weekend mainly getting drunk and furiously trying to get on with Christmas knitting despite a slight aura of fuzziness in the head department. Several fried egg sandwiches (made with toasted English muffins) have helped somewhat, but have not alleviated the mounting sense of dread that there is only a week to go. I had intended to complete the following:
  • Grey bamboo neckwarmer for Dad to wear on his motorbike
  • Black silk Branching Out for grandma
  • Blue bamboo plain stocking stitch socks for grandpa (actually these were meant to be for his birthday back in August)
  • Pink cashmere/silk lacy anklets for my aunt
  • Ribbed hat/scarf set for a friend
  • Brown Knucks for my brother
  • Numerous small needle-felted animals as little gifts for all sorts of people
And what have I actually finished? Dad's neckwarmer. That's it. Bugger. Why did I seemingly forget, again, that Christmas is at the end of December, like it always is?

I'm nearly half way through grandma's Branching Out (OK OK, right now more like a third, but still have time left this evening except we are going out for dinner and I need to bake a cake, eek). I am just about confident of finishing that, although it's not something I can do socially (too difficult) and I have an awful lot of parties to attend this week. I am ready for the toe decreases on the first of grandpa's socks, but he has very big feet and swollen ankles, and are at a small gauge. I am therefore waiting for next weekend to go to the Whisky Exchange to pick up the last part of my dad's present, just in case I end up having to get something for grandpa too.

Everybody else? Well, thank the baby Jesus for Amazon, that's all I can say... Sorry, all of you.

Better get back to the needles...

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stash haus said...

I've given up trying to knit on a deadline. I do knit for gifts, but I'm putting them aside until I have all knitted items done for the family - for example, once I have something knit for my sister-in-law, brother-in-law and their 2 sons, then the following Christmas their whole family will receive the knitted gifts. This plan applies to all my siblings, too. Saves alot of worrying and panicking come October/November/December. I don't apply this to my parents or DH's parents - as who knows how many more Christmases they have with us, so when I find something I want to knit for them, I knit it and give it.

As for the sock yarn - the bold, primary color is Interlacements Tiny Toes. The other is Great Adirondack Soxie.

Someday I will spend the holidays in the UK - sounds like ever so much fun than here. I wish our employers here would shut down during the holidays and stores would offer alcohol with shopping. Yum!