Tuesday, 11 December 2007

I love Secret Santa!

How exciting, I have just received my Ravelry Secret Santa package! And no, I didn't wait for Christmas to open it...

My Santa was the wonderful Denise, a huge coincidence as she was the only person (out of the 90-odd swap participants) whom I actually knew (in the internet-based sense) at all beforehand as one of my fellow clappers. Who'd have thought it?

Such fun was had unwrapping the presents. First of all I couldn't help but notice the festive knitting stamps on the package, with cute little designs in Fair Isle. I have nicked better pics than I could take from the USPS:

Then a layer of beautiful paper featuring a pretty Japanese girl with a fan:

Followed by some layers of candy-cane-striped red and white tissue paper - I was too excited by now to take photos of this layer. Then the presents, hooray!

The main point of the swap was yarn, and Denise sent me a ball of Tofutsies sock yarn. This is exactly what I was after, something not readily available here in the UK (readers will note that I'm hardly reticent about ordering stuff to be delivered from the USA, but that's not the point). This stuff is made from (along with wool) soya and chitin, the latter from shrimp and crabs! Very cool. Even the boyfriend, who has a PhD in such invertebrate things, was impressed in a way not normally associated with him and yarn. It does strike me though, that a yarn named after tofu (obviously because of the soy content) should probably be vegan, whereas it's actually probably the least veggie-friendly yarn around, being made out of ground up crustacea. Not that I care of course, in fact I think it's a shame that something so virtually sushi probably won't taste like it when I'm sucking ends to weave them in.

Denise's blog says that this was partly chosen because of the Maryland/crabs connection - I'm afraid I wouldn't have got that myself because I only associate MD with cookies, not crabs, but now I know I am even more pleased at her thoughfulness in finding something "local". The colourway is 802 "Rainbow Warrior" (like the Greenpeace ship?) and it really lives up to it, with pretty much every colour in there. This will make some crazy socks, for me needless to say. I am not giving anything made from this away!

There were loads of extras too, probably far too many, Denise you are naughty. Firstly some lovely handmade cubic stitchmarkers, of which I am desperately in need as most of mine are currently employed in my clap which is "resting" until after the Christmas knitting rush. Then some sparkly dark green L'Oreal eyeliner, which is just perfect, I adore sparkly makeup and green is my favourite. I wish I could get a decent photo to show the colour (damn the winter darkness in the evenings and the lack of daylight bulbs in my house), but may get an action shot over the party season! Then some chocolates - Ghirardelli dark and mint squares, and some Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, which I've heard of but never tried. A fun Christmas-themed fridge magnet, to festive-up my kitchen. And a sweet little card with a delightful glittery fairy!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

My own package is currently winging its way to its recipient across the pond, I do hope she likes it...


Denise said...

shucks! I'm so glad you like it all, and that it arrived this side of xmas. I saw in one of your blog posts that you went to get your make-up done while wearing work clothes and they were pressing all these muted colours on you - a redhead should wear green dammit! So there you go :)

and you haven't tried peanut butter cups - gasp (picks self off floor) - you will loooove them

Maryland is somewhat famous for crabs (though not very famous apparently!) funny before I came here I had only ever heard of "chicken maryland" - i.e. deep fried chicken. Which is not common here at all. And never heard of the cookie connection must go investigate...

Ginger Lucy said...

Aw, you are so clever, I love green makeup! Maryland Cookies are a UK thing I think, god knows why, but maybe you can pick some up on your Xmas trip back home, or get G to bring you some!