Friday, 19 December 2008

A Little Birdie Told Me...

More birdies! These from the lovely knitters at the Wednesday Night Knitting (or WNK, snigger) Christmas Partay on, predictably, Wednesday Night at Pham Sushi (mmm, crunchy tuna rolls are now in my favourite sushi list, along with these from ThinkGeek).

Lotta made us all pairs of ├╝ber-cute little birds from fabric scraps and buttons, stuffed with lentils and lavender. So clever! Can't decide whether they should go into the underwear drawer for scent, or stay out on show. Here they are with some yummy-sounding ginger cordial from her too:

Generous sweetheart that she is, she also bought me this gorgeous necklace in the shape of a peacock feather. Not sure of the maker but they are at Spitalfields apparently. Love love love it.

She also made this card out of lilac and silver leather scraps:

My WNK Secret Santa turned out to be Gail, and this is what she got me:

A lovely diary with fab, almost Art Deco birds (see, I am crazy bird girl already), and posh chocolate. I especially like the shiny blue bull on this. I don't believe in astrology at all, but if I had to pick one of the signs to be, I'm quite glad I'm a Taurus because I really like cows. If I could choose to have one physical feature from an animal as some sort of weird hybrid or Egyptian god effect, I'd want to have big spreading horns like a Highland cow, which I could brandish for effect. When people annoyed me, I'd toss my head and snort. If I had them, I'd probably get a nose ring too to complete the look, as I've always thought that would be a cool piercing. My darling would prefer me to have a fluffy squirrel tail or twitchy llama ears, but perhaps that's TMI...

Talking of which, my no-longer-Secret Santa gift to Ting was, in part, sheep stitchmarkers from Yarnimals, and at the same time I had to get myself a pair of squirrels. Here's an action shot of the "skwerls", as I like to call them, assisting with my nearly-finished Christmas knitting.

Yes, that's a top-down sock, but the skwerls are making even gusset decreases bearable. Look at the cute white tummy! Love them!

And finally, not animal-related but softer than a squirrel's belly fuzz, lovely wristwarmers from Jade Sapphire Cashmere 8-Ply in Berries & Cream. Mmmmm... Pauline and Lotta enabled me on this in Loop about a week ago, not that I needed a great deal of persuasion - they didn't actively dissuade me is all.

They also suggested and helped pick the buttons. Took me much frogging to decide on what stitch pattern would best show off the yarn without eating too much yardage, and after all sorts of slip- and herringbone-stitch swatchs, it ended up being the seed-stitch that won out. Just like the sample in the shop. How boring of me.

They are soft and lovely although I think they will pill like a bastard as soon as I dare to hold anything. I will love them regardless.

Finally, anyone for tea?

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