Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Rubbernecker Redux Swap

Another swap questionnaire answer post which will be totally boring to all of you except my swap partner.

What form of fiber manipulation do you prefer? (Particularly, do you spin / would you welcome roving in your swappypack?)

Knitting and spinning. I'd like to crochet but I'm veeery slow at it so can't be bothered to get faster. My spinning is also slow but I'm getting a wheel for Christmas so that should improve.

What fibers do you prefer?

All of them. I'd rather not be using 100% acrylic but a bit of man-made stuff in a blend is fine.

What yarn weights do you prefer?

I do have a weakness for lace and sock yarns, but then when it comes to projects the ones I actually get around to knitting are the bulky instant gratification ones. So all of them really.

What colours do you prefer?

Most strong colours throughout the spectrum, and blacks, whites and greys. I'm not a fan of pastels, partly because they're just not forthright enough and partly because they make me look washed out. I don't like muddy greens/browns/yellows although the clear/bright versions of those colours are fine. Oh, and having collected a vast amount of variegated sock yarn, I'm more inclined towards shaded solids now for a bit of subtlety.

Would you be amenable to noms in your swappypack? Any allergies your buddy should know about?

Absolutely. No allergies, but a strong dislike of coconut.

Do you have a wishlist? If yes, where can it be found?

I do have one here at The Loopy Ewe for yarn, and also here at Amazon for books.

Do you have a blog? Where?

You're here!

Is there anything else you collect?

Other crafty stuff eg beads, ribbons and buttons. I've just started making soap but I guess I'm more collecting inspiration than physical items for that. Recently I'm having trouble resisting notebooks and letterpressed stationery, and anything with birds on or anything scientific.

Any books, yarn, patterns, or needles that are out there that you are dying to get your hands on?

Apart from the stuff on the wishlists above? Well I was fortunate enough to get some Knitpicks Bare for dyeing in my last swap but I'm still curious about the rest of the range from the-company-which-will-not-send-here. I'm also curious about those needles with a square cross section.

Thank you!

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