Friday, 12 October 2007

Come over baby, whole lotta bakin' goin' on

Well I'm sure no-one's ever used that one for a blog about baking before...

Frantic baking activity has indeed been "goin' on" in the Ginger kitchen this evening, in preparation for the lovely knitting girls coming back here after tomorrow's eagerly awaited Knitting & Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace. We will need a nice cup of tea, a sit down and plenty of cake after that, especially since we're going on the Saturday and so it's likely to be heaving.

I describe the baking as frantic since I ended up having to go up north on business today (5.30am start, yuk) and so didn't quite have as much time this evening as I'd anticipated. Still, I do like deadlines - as the dear departed Douglas Adams said, "I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." I probably got things done a hell of a lot more efficiently than usual anyway out of a desire to go to bed and attempt to reduce my sleep debt.

Cakes-in-progress (the last one is in the oven as I type and another needs to be topped in the morning) are:

  • Cashew Ginger Squares - well there had to be something ginger in there
  • No-Bowl Choc-Bit Slice - both this and the above are previously untested by me, from Simple Slices by The Australian Women's Weekly who do a great series of little books
  • Nigella's Lemon Syrup Loaf Cake - Flibbertygibbet makes this one too (we do love Nigella) - although the boyfriend's lemon phobia meant he has been in hiding during it's making
  • Ginger Lucy's World Famous Triple Chocolate Brownies

And here they are, all finished:


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Gail said...

Douglas Adam's editor used to have to move in towards the end of his books and supervise him 24/7 to make him write...