Sunday, 7 October 2007

So, a blog then... and what I did this weekend

After some pressure from the knitting girls I have finally decided to give this blog thing a go. It seems like an entirely narcissistic activity, and deity-of-choice knows I spend far too much time on Facebook, Ravelry and the like already. However it would appear that if I ever want to participate in a yarn swap or similar, some kind of blog will be required, and those sound like fun so here we are. We'll see if it works out or if I get bored after a week like I always did of diaries when I was an angst-ridden teenager.

I will tell people about this once I've decided if it's staying and decided on some nice formatting, done the "About Me" bit, etcetera.

Right now it's 11pm on Sunday evening.  This weekend has been rather pleasant in all, even though it involved recovery from a nasty little rhinovirus (I have my cuddly cold virus from Think Geek to comfort me/blame).

Saturday started off with a yarn swap graciously hosted by A (oh dear, I don't quite know the etiquette for people's names in blogs). Hooray for getting rid of superfluous stash (if such a think can exist). Damn my eyes that I came away with more than I took. Not good considering Ally Pally is next weekend and I really did need to make some space. Still, at least the horrible blue unfortunate-Christmas-present eyelash yarn is gone. A photo of my haul will grace this page if the software will let me add one later, but it included some Rowan Bamboo Tape, some Noro Blossom, some Brown Sheep Company Lamb's Pride Bulky, and some Colinette Jitterbug. Lovely!

My dear friend L then accompanied me to Xpo at the Barbican, which was fun. I adore the dressing-up aspect of all of this, particularly the burlesque outfits. Wearing a corset, whilst not something I would do every single day, is enonormous fun and really does make you feel like a beautiful and powerful woman. Hard not to be confident when you are standing up ramrod-straight. And who doesn't love dressing up like a fairytale princess?

I didn't buy any more corsetry this weekend, but I did buy this skirt in the rose pattern and the petticoats for underneath (this is absurd I admit; I can't actually fit widthwise down my hall in it), and a mad irridescent blue organza skirt-thing from here. If I'd had £795 to spare (if only), I would have bought this dress because it was just beautiful. I was devastated to have to leave it behind. Because what we all need for every-day wear is a latex prom dress, isn't it girls? Sigh.

Today I motored along with some Christmas knitting, but nothing terribly exciting.

Time to sign off this first post, I think, and stress about formatting. Nighty-night!

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