Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Life goes on (for now)

Apologies for the doom-laden post yesterday. It was rather scary though. But oh well, given I have no personal ability to send a big mirror into space, I might as well knit while the planet burns. Nero, mad as a box of frogs as he clearly was, didn't in fact fiddle while Rome burned, and spent vast amounts of money rebuilding the city afterwards.

So, a finished object, hot off the needles tonight! This is for Dad for his Christmas present, and is a neckwarmer for him to wear out on his motorbike as a scarf would just fall off. He suggested I could make him this when he saw me making some socks from bamboo yarn, so this is Rowan Classic Bamboo Soft. Hopefully the natural wicking properties will stop him getting a sweaty neck. It feels lovely and silky but is very prone to splitting and sliding off the needles, so was a slower knit than anticipated.

Dad requested this in black actually, but bamboo yarn doesn't seem to come in black, so charcoal grey had to do. And ideally the edging would have been in red to match his Ducati, but every other colour was pastel so a mid blue was the best I could do there. Still, I'm sure he'll find use for it, even if it doesn't quite match his leathers.

Onwards with the finishing things!

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