Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Published! Well, nearly.

Had a rather exciting e-mail today, asking whether I'd consider allowing one of my photos to be used for an online city guide to Dublin!

It's not definite that it'll be included, and I don't get paid (I do get credited) but I'm pleased anyway and of course I've said yes. It's not actually the best or most exciting photo out there, but I suppose it does illustrate the place it shows clearly enough. 

The photo is this one of the Olympia Theatre (taken because we went to see R.E.M. playing there in June) and the series of online guides, of which I'd never heard but which look quite good actually, are here. Perhaps I might get round to finally putting some of my backlog of travel photos on Flickr, if this is what happens.


KnittingJenny said...

Lucy, that's so cool that you'll have your photo published. But it doesn't surprise me: I have always thought your photos were excellent. You've really got a good eye. Meanwhile, by the way, I really got a kick out of reading of your Ally Pally adventures....I'm sorry to have missed it....

Ginger Lucy said...

Thanks Jen! We missed you too - maybe next year?