Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Happy Hallowe'en!

Oh, I do love Hallowe'en, apostrophe or not. Back when I was young(er) and impressionable and fancied myself a pagan, some of my friends and I would cast a circle on Samhain and try to do love spells to assuage our teenage crushes. They never worked, of course, although there probably is something in focusing the mind on the object of one's desires (whether a potential mate or something else) as it does help to make things happen by other more practical means. Still, if I were religiously inclined these days, I'd probably still be doing it. I prefer polytheistic religions, especially ones with strong women and a healthy respect for earthly pleasures. I can't be doing with all this waiting until some kind of afterlife for my rewards!

So to celebrate, er, I went to Wednesday Night Knitting as usual and did nothing special. But I do have half a pumpkin in my fridge! The first half became a risotto earlier in the week. The rest may get made into soup whenever I'm next home early enough in the evening, assuming that's before it goes off...

Don't let the ghosties get you tonight!

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stash haus said...

I've never used a pumpkin for cooking - I have only carved them for decoration purposes. Now I need to go look for recipes, I love bakery items made from pumpkin (pumpkin bars, pies, etc.).