Sunday, 14 October 2007

Stash of the Titans

Darling, if you are reading this, you might want to stop now. Even though you've seen the bags in the corner of the lounge, you might find this upsetting.

Everybody else, as promised in yesterday's post may I present the haul...

First stop was Alpaca Select, for some 100% alpaca sock yarn in a vivid variegated blue, probably for socks for the boyfriend, plus a lovely toy alpaca made of alpaca fleece. He is very soft and has a jingly bell on his collar. Shame they had run out of alpaca fleece slippers in the size I wanted.

Then on to Get Knitted's stall... after much consideration, I picked some Handmaiden Sea Silk in shade Paris, which is shades of forest green, rust, gold and mulberry. I have heard of a lace wrap pattern which uses one skein of this so hopefully I can track that down on Ravelry.* Thankfully this stuff doesn't (to me) have the clammy feel of certain other seaweed-based yarns, nor does it smell of brine.  

From Cherry Tree Hill, as supplied by The Woolly Workshop, a vast skein of Merino Lace in shade Northern Lights which is dark grey with sections of vivid fuscia, purple and the bright green of ionising oxygen in the atmosphere. Good value for the amount you get (2,400 yards) which is apparently enough for at least two shawls and maybe a scarf too, but to be honest I'm unlikely to want to make two shawls out of the same stuff so would really rather buy half the amount, given the choice.

On to the massive Colinette stall, which contained many wonderful goodies, but I plumped for Zanziba (why not Zanzibar?) in shade 109 Summer Berries. I love the fat bubbliness of this yarn and the sheen it has from the viscose content, which makes the purples, reds, pinks and orange highlights of this shade shine like jewels. No idea what this will be for - something simple I suppose as complex stitches would be utterly lost in it.

As if I didn't have enough sock yarn, one skein of wool/nylon mix from Fyberspates in lilac and dove grey.

More alpaca, this time from Artesano, where I loved the vibrancy of the colourways of their Hummingbird yarn. I chose shade Kingfisher to make the Graffiti hoodie, the pattern for which was thrown in free. Apparently if you collect ball bands from their yarns, you can eventually claim a free pair of Brittany Birches.

A nice big hank of aran weight pure silk from Hipknits, in a subtle lavender, which matches the cool weight of silk in the hand. Again no specific plans as yet for this one.

My final yarn purchase was some incredibly soft raspberry-coloured handspun cashmere from Shilasdair from the Isle of Skye. Yummy.

Not quite yarn and possibly the most pointless thing I have ever purchased: some unspun silk from Oliver Twists. I just can't do the colours anywhere near justice on my photo - it is a flowing rope of subtle greens, reds and purples, irridescent like a starling's wing, shimmering with blue and gold. It is so soft to touch you almost can't feel it's there. I can't spin, and I have nowhere to keep it that will do justice to its beauty, but I just could not be parted from it - I nearly cried when, having put it back on the shelf as a silly purchase, another woman picked it up, and when she put it back down I grabbed it and ran rejoicing to the till. I love it, love it, love it.

On the non-yarn front, some 30cm 3mm circs to try to knit socks with (which might be the most fiddly thing ever but I'll give it a go), the latest copy of Selvedge for only a fiver, and a free copy of Alpaca World magazine - shall I subscibe?

Finally, some very interesting Habu for delivery to Gail. Both are a mix containing stainless steel - on the left is a silk/steel blend in midnight blue, and on the right is a wool/silk blend in a very dark burgundy-purple. The steel gives it a slight sparkle, but the yarn itself is thin as sewing thread. Good luck hun!

In my defence I should say I didn't buy any of the following objects of desire:
  • Knit Picks Options from Get Knitted - I might get some of these on the next shopping trip to NYC which should be cheaper with the dollar as it is
  • Any of the qiviut from Arnica - gorgeous yarn with lovely patterns, but terribly expensive and anyway Ting got the last of the teal colour
  • Anything from Habu - because I was shopped out by that point
Still, I think there may have to be some sort of moratorium on yarn buying for a little while...

* Later: found it!  The pattern's called Lace Wings and needs to be ordered from Canada, it seems.

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