Tuesday, 23 October 2007


I never said I didn't have a childish sense of humour. Thank you Mr Tesco for making my grocery shopping that much more amusing. And only 39p! I didn't buy any though.

Staying in tonight - looking at my diary yesterday I realised with a sinking feeling that it's nearly November, which means (1) free evenings become at a premium what with all the social obligations leading up to the festive season, and (2) I really should get on with some Christmas knitting. This is my only night in this week, sigh. It is lovely and cold though - I don't like summer/sunshine/heat (which comes of being pale and interesting) so winter really is my time. The proper winter coat was dug out this morning, and best of all I can look forward to wearing the scarves, hats and gloves I've made, and indeed making more.

Ooh, squishy parcel in the post today! Two skeins of handpainted sock yarn from Skein Queen via Etsy. One is a lambswool/angora/cashmere blend in a shade called Skooshy which is mainly pink but with sweetie-coloured flashes of green, yellow, purple, blue and orange, just like those candy necklaces you used to get. The other is superwash merino in Clam, mainly royal blue with turquoise, lilac and violet. Lovely!

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